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SDV INTERNATIONAL is a provider of leading-edge enterprise solutions to the public and private sectors. Inspired by our clients' missions and driven by their challenges, we focus on helping our clients achieve higher levels of performance by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies. Our team of highly skilled professionals is committed to service excellence and delivers innovative, cost-effective enterprise solutions on time and within budget. Our deep expertise enables us to serve a broad constituency of clients.




how do fortune 100 companies rely on SDV International?

Learn from IBM CORPORATION in this video:

Great group of folks. Really worked well together. There were no additional add ons in cost. Excellent to work with and solve problems. Fast resolutions and great attitudes!
— Chief of Health Information Management, Department of Veterans Affairs
SDV International staff were excellently prepared for their role in supporting the audit engagement. They were experts in their field and enabled the audit team to provide a thorough and effective assessment of the claims that were processed. SDV International contributed to our ability to deliver high quality deliverables to the government with no corrective action throughout the contract period.
— Program Manager, Department of Veterans Affairs
SDV International has exceeded contract requirements, and our expectations!
— Chief of Health Information Management, Department of Veterans Affairs

how do organizations from diverse industries benefit from SDV International's PROGRAM management solutions?

Learn more about our PROGRAM MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS in this video:

“We accomplished a major goal – the award by Contracts of multiple (5) national contracts (value - $136M). The evaluation and award process could not have been done without your [sic] supporting efforts. They were tremendous, dedicated, focused during the weeks needed; and some members worked beyond the call of duty. I want to extend my gratitude to every one of them. It was grueling, boring at times, and time consuming but they were troopers.

I will like especially to call out your Program Manager [sic] who worked so many long hours and weekends during the months of August and September to ensure the evaluation report and source selection document were on point, and ready for review and signature. Kudos to him.

My many thanks to the team.”
— Program Manager, Design and Construction Division, Federal Aviation Administration
“SDV International team met 100% of their contract task order/delivery schedules. Met 100% for their milestones and exceeded their timelines for deliverable submission.”
— Program Executive, Fortune 500 Company
“You are life savers- we couldn’t make it without your excellent support!!! Many thanks!!”
— Acting Manager, Executive Offices, Federal Aviation Administration




See a glimpse in this video about our HEALTH CARE SOLUTIONS:

SDV International provided first rate software development support. They supported us for more than 18 months before the project began, and they delivered when it counted.
— Partner, IBM
Thanks a million to everyone for your assistance! This is a great relief and I appreciate everyone’s help in getting it done.
— Program Manager, Office of Policy, International Affairs, and Environment, Federal Aviation Administration
The staff has provided excellent work in terms of quality and timeliness. SDV’s team has planned out the workload and milestones for several key projects and maintained critical program schedules. The SDV staff is flexible and engaged in our activities and keeps themselves available for new assignments and changes in direction on assigned tasks.
— Manager, Federal Aviation Administration


See a glimpse in this video about our FEDERAL ACQUISITION AND POLICY EXPERTS:

I want to take a moment to acknowledge your team and the work that you do on behalf of our office. My team and I, specifically manage 61 actions, totaling $171,911,667.41 in value. Your team’s contributions have been invaluable towards this work. With such a demanding workload and given our current staffing shortages, we simply could not do our job without you and your team. I have worked with many companies in my lengthy acquisition career and I have never worked with a company as engaged, committed, and dedicated to excellence. Thank you for your continued responsiveness, expertise, and professional contribution throughout the fiscal year.
— Contracting Officer, Federal Aviation Administration
SDV performs all work requirements professionally and in a timely manner. The entire FAA organization uses SDV to support cradle to grave procurement activities, including IT requirements, service requirements, construction, procurement of products and SAVES transactions.
SDV is well regarded in AAQ-400.
— Contracting Officer, Federal Aviation Administration

HOW DOEs sdv international SUPPORT clients outside the u.s.?

See a glimpse in this video about our INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS SUPPORT SOLUTIONS:


SDV INTERNATIONAL formed a uniquely qualified Joint Venture company to provide national security solutions to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of State. For more information about our Joint Venture company, SDV APPLIED SOLUTIONS, visit the company's website today: www.SDVAppliedSolutions.com



SDV INTERNATIONAL has been serving public sector and private sector organizations by solving complex problems in complex environments. Our experts have been succeeding in our practice areas for decades as both government and industry professionals. Federal clients benefit from utilizing our streamlined contracting vehicles.



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