SDV INTERNATIONAL has been serving government officials by solving problems in complex environments for years. In fact, our experts have been succeeding in this field for decades, as both government and industry professionals.

SDV INTERNATIONAL provides full acquisition lifecycle support, including the following areas:

  • Market Research
  • Cost and Price
  • Source Selection
  • Contract Award and Administration
  • Close-Out
  • Policy
  • Business Intelligence
  • Metrics and Dashboards
  • Process Improvement
  • And much more...

Our experienced and skillful acquisition professionals provide full life cycle acquisition management and training to government professionals. We have a proven reputation for exceeding client expectations and meeting agency acquisition goals and requirements.

Our acquisition professionals have government and industry acquisition expertise, and our acquisition instructors have taught Federal Acquisition Regulation/Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR/DFAR) courses for decades. 


I want to take a moment to acknowledge your team and the work that you do on behalf of our office. My team and I, specifically manage 61 actions, totaling $171,911,667.41 in value. Your team’s contributions have been invaluable towards this work. With such a demanding workload and given our current staffing shortages, we simply could not do our job without you and your team. I have worked with many companies in my lengthy acquisition career and I have never worked with a company as engaged, committed, and dedicated to excellence. Thank you for your continued responsiveness, expertise, and professional contribution throughout the fiscal year.
— Contracting Officer, Federal Aviation Administration
The staff has provided excellent work in terms of quality and timeliness. SDV’s team has planned out the workload and milestones for several key projects and maintained critical program schedules. The SDV staff is flexible and engaged in our activities and keeps themselves available for new assignments and changes in direction on assigned tasks.
— Manager, Federal Aviation Administration
SDV performs all work requirements professionally and in a timely manner. The entire FAA organization uses SDV to support cradle to grave procurement activities, including IT requirements, service requirements, construction, procurement of products and SAVES transactions.
SDV is well regarded in AAQ-400.
— Contracting Officer, Federal Aviation Administration
Thank you for your continued support and the outstanding efforts of SDV’s team. What a difference their presence has made all year round. . . . I appreciate working with the best Contracting team in FAA!
— Contracting Officer, Federal Aviation Administration
Attached is a summary of our division’s accomplishments for this past fiscal year. Quite impressive, especially the section for our branch. Sincere thanks to each of you for your contributions toward our FY15 accomplishments. … Special thanks to our contract support team! ... You’re part of our team, and we’re so happy to have you here with us!
— Contracting Officer's Representative, Federal Aviation Administration
You are life savers- we couldn’t make it without your excellent support!!! Many thanks!!
— Acting Manager, Executive Offices, Federal Aviation Administration
You are the best!!! You are true professionals.
— Manager of Contracting for Services Group, Federal Aviation Administration

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