SDV INTERNATIONAL, and our Linguist Services joint venture company SDV APPLIED SOLUTIONS, has been solving complex problems in complex environments for many years. In fact, our experts have been succeeding in this field for decades, as military and civilian professionals.

Our Linguist Services include interpretation, translation, transcription, monitoring, language analysis, cultural subject matter expertise, management, supervision, and project personnel placement to ensure the continuously successful performance of international programs.

SDV INTERNATIONAL supports complex global programs in complex environments for the Federal Aviation Administration. In the month of June 2015 alone, SDV INTERNATIONAL’s staff provided 156 project deliverables, supporting FAA funded programs valued at $78,741,331. FAA stakeholders involved in these contracts include, industry, local governments and the federal government, including a government-to-government engagement between FAA and the US Department of State for language services.
— Contracting Officer's Representative, Federal Aviation Administration
SDV International is a great company we count on to get things done. They are very collaborative, and are able to solve complex problems for a broad range of stakeholders.
— Contracting Officer's Representative, Federal Aviation Administration
SDV International has hired great staff to fill challenging roles. They keep their staff here as long as we need them, and they are adaptable to changing environments. Their staff works closely together and they foster a team-based environment. They integrate with our environment as trusted service providers.
— Program Manager, Federal Aviation Administration

Our experts support a wide variety of languages, including, but certainly not limited to: Sign Language, Arabic, Kurdish, Armenian, Urdu, Hindi, French, Hebrew, Pashto, Dari, Farsi, Turkish, Punjabi, Bengali, Kazakh, Turkmen, Spanish, Mandarin, Thai, Burmese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and many others. 

Our experts produce various types of prepared and finalized deliverables, including online content, translated official statements, articles, blog posts, videos, government websites, and social media content.

We are not an ordinary Linguist Services company. You can depend on us for knowledgeable, multi-disciplinary teams. Teams who operate globally, learning and sharing what works well, and what doesn’t. Our teams use consistent and proven global methodologies and tools, and draw on the full breadth of our global reach, capabilities and experience to help our clients. 

We understand the complex nature of working in foreign locations, including war zones, and we have battle-tested business practices that meet a wide range of management challenges, including:

  • foreign business licensure and taxes
  • employment of local nationals, third country nationals, and American nationals
  • visas
  • language proficiency standards
  • education verification
  • security clearances
  • medical clearances 
  • synchronized pre-deployment operational tracking (SPOT) 
  • ethics and conduct training
  • safety training
  • labor law compliance
  • Post Hazard Pay, Danger Pay and R&R
  • and the full gamut of compliance procedures required to provide highly effective linguist services anywhere in the world.


We are experts who work with the State Department, the Department of Defense and foreign governments.  For example, our personnel have extensive experience working with the State Department's Office of Language Services. Our staff speaks, reads and writes up to the proficiency level of 5, equivalent to that of an educated native. We can deploy teams very quickly because our experts have been successful in this field for many years.

For more information about our Joint Venture company, SDV APPLIED SOLUTIONS, visit the company's website today: 

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SDV INTERNATIONAL has been solving complex problems in complex environments for more than a decade.

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