SDV INTERNATIONAL's Bill Keppler introduces Ambassador William J. ….

In this review of the news, SDV INTERNATIONAL's Bill Keppler introduces Ambassador William J. Burns, Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs, U.S. Department of State, and Dr. Aaron Miller, President, Seeds of Peace Organization


AMB. BURNS:  Thank you very much, Bill, and good afternoon. I really was delighted when Bill Keppler called on behalf of the Secretary's Open Forum and asked me to introduce my friend Aaron Miller to you today. And before I formally introduce Aaron, I would like to put in a quick word of appreciation for the Secretary's Open Forum. I have admired its work for many years, and Bill Keppler has put together a very challenging and a very diverse set of programs that does a great service for all of us.

DR. MILLER:  First of all, Bill, the first Bill, let me thank you for inviting me to the Open Forum and for adding so much intellectual weight and seriousness of purpose to the Open Forum. It's an extraordinary organization, and I am truly honored to be here.