SDV INTERNATIONAL Leads Efforts to support veterans with opioid use disorder

CHARLESTON, SC -- SDV INTERNATIONAL (“SDV”) completed a site visit at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in Charleston, SC this week. SDV is working to develop several pilot programs at VA to help veterans access new therapies that are available for substance and opioid use disorder (OUD).

Many veterans have suffered injuries during combat or training and have been prescribed opioid pain medications. While opioids might be helpful to some for pain management, many people risk becoming addicted.

There are more than 65,000 veterans in opioid treatment at VA. American veterans deserve access to every tool on the road to recovery from opioid use disorder (OUD), and SDV is working hard to develop pilot programs with the VA across the nation to help them.

SDV aims to support veterans at all 172 VA medical centers, at more than 1,000 VA clinics, and anywhere else veterans seek medical attention.

SDV is working with stakeholders at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to develop pilot programs to bring prescription digital therapeutic options to veterans who need help on the road to recovery from OUD.

FDA-cleared prescription digital therapeutics for substance use disorder and opioid use disorder are of great interest to veterans. The first-ever FDA-approved prescription digital therapies are called reSET and reSET-O.  reSET and reSET-O are adjunct therapies that providers can offer veterans who need help.

SDV is engaged in every VISN across the country to bring prescription digital therapeutics to veterans.