WASHINGTON, D.C. — SDV INTERNATIONAL (SDV) attended a series of events at the 2018 DC Cyberweek in Washington, DC in October.  DC Cyberweek was a city-wide SXSW-style festival that included thousands of the world’s top Cybersecurity experts. Experts this year shared best-practices, made new connections, and collaborated to open doors to new opportunities to solve shared challenges.  Speakers included executives from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the National Security Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency and many partners from academia and industry.

Cyber security is a priority issue for America’s city and county governments. With government systems under constant attack, local governments are charged with creating strategies that secure their systems – while dealing with tight budget resources, trying to attract talented technical staff to work for government, and all too often an environment where cyber security is viewed as someone else’s responsibility. Many of the seminars and events highlighted the way that local and federal governments are deploying leading practices to solve numerous problems in communities across America.

SDV has supported Government cybersecurity projects since 2008, and employs many talented cybersecurity experts. SDV’s President, for example, holds a masters degree in computer science with a focus on cybersecurity as well as numerous certifications, such as the CISSP.  SDV builds cybersecurity strategies into all its projects, including its numerous health information management engagements. 

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