SDV INTERNATIONAL in Thailand and ASEAN Member Countries

Bangkok, Thailand - DID YOU KNOW?    In 1994, Thailand was among the first five countries to implement ICD-10 for mortality coding. Since then, 33 countries have joined ICD-10.


International Classification of Disease Revision 10 (ICD-10) is being implemented by World Health Organization (WHO) member states for the coding of national mortality and morbidity statistics. The most recent revision includes not only updated content but an expanded scope—while its original purpose was to classify diseases and injuries, the ICD-10 system allows users to code ambulatory care conditions and risk factors often encountered in primary care.


SDV INTERNATIONAL has been providing Health Information Management (HIM) solutions, including ICD-10, for the past decade in some of the most challenging environments around the world. SDV is engaging ASEAN partners to help modernize regional health care systems to improve health care for everyone.