SDV INTERNATIONAL Development Engagements in Asia

Bangkok, Thailand - The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is supporting closer integration, peace and growing prosperity in Southeast Asia and the broader Asia-Pacific region, working closely with ASEAN, the ASEAN Secretariat and the 10 ASEAN member states. USAID provides technical assistance to ASEAN’s Sectoral Working Groups and the ASEAN Secretariat to promote regional cooperation in areas such as human rights, transnational crime, disaster preparedness and management, and trade facilitation. In addition, USAID partners with individual ASEAN member states to assist them to implement ASEAN commitments in these areas.


USAID chose the agriculture industry as the focus for promoting economic growth in the ASEAN region because it is one of the most productive agricultural areas of the world. According to the latest available records, the 10-country block produces 129 million tons of rice, 40 million tons of corn, 171 million tons of sugarcane, 1.44 million tons of soybean and 70.34 million tons of cassava.


USAID also states that the ASEAN region is strategically located between major East Asia and South Asia markets, making it an ideal supply and processing base for agribusinesses with an eye for expansion and growth.


The agency also points out, however, that despite the region’s potential, ASEAN small- and medium-size agribusinesses (SMAs) often suffer from low productivity and declining growth rates. Businesses have to cope with limited access to inputs, information, technology, markets and affordable working capital, as well as a lack of sufficient growth capital with which to expand their operations.


USAID has asked us to consider collaborating with peer organizations in their areas of interest, potentially bringing differing perspectives and/or comparative advantages to the program - keeping an eye on innovative cost-sharing arrangements.


Do you have ideas for Agricultural projects in ASEAN countries?  If you are interested in working with SDV INTERNATIONAL to support agricultural programs in the ASEAN region, send us a message and please indicate a specific research or development idea, supported by how it will deliver potential solutions in line with USAID's program objectives.


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