SDV INTERNATIONAL participates in DHS S&T Cyber Security Division Software Assurance Event in Washington, D.C.

SDV INTERNATIONAL participates in a software assurance event with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Science and Technology Directorate (S&T), Cyber Security Division (CSD) to explore software assurance solutions of the future.  Topics included S&T’s goal to develop a ‘system of systems’ that results in an integrated architecture in which each of fourteen broad agency technical topic area (TTA) products funded through S&T can function independently, but also be integrated to create a Unified Threat Management (UTM) system.

The Application Security Threat and Attack Modeling (ASTAM) project was a major focus. Its goal is to create a UTM system that allows cyber security professionals to monitor and manage a wide variety of security-related applications and infrastructure components through a single management console.

CSD's mission is to contribute to enhancing the security and resilience of the nation's critical information infrastructure and the Internet by (1) developing and delivering new technologies, tools and techniques to enable DHS and the U.S. to defend, mitigate and secure current and future systems, networks and infrastructure against cyberattacks; (2) conduct and support technology transition and (3) lead and coordinate research and development (R&D) among the R&D community that includes department customers, government agencies, and partners like SDV INTERNATIONAL.